NERKON – a manufacturer of industrial washing systems

We are worldwide operating company. We provide solutions for food and non-food manufacturing companies in the areas of the cleaning of containers and the cleaning of parts using our industrial washing systems based on our production and supplier programme.

Production Programme

Delivery program

  • Water-based chamber washer for parts
  • Solvent-based chamber washer for parts
  • Perchlorate washer for parts
  • Trichlor washer for parts
  • Ultrasonic washer
  • Perchlorate or trichlor washer for parts
  • Immersion chamber washer
  • Vacuum washer for parts
  • Vacuum distillation of wastewater
  • Wastewater processing unit
  • Water treatment unit
  • Conveyor systems

Why NERKON ( all its benefits )

Actual informations

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Successful solution in NONFOOD

Washing KLT crates, lids, blisters and pallets in automotive industry.

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Successful solution in FOOD industry

Washing chocolate moulds, crates, plates for tilting chocolate, buckets and barrels in a one equipment!

Event dates

TechExpo Celje 2018
18.4.2018 – 21.4.2018
Celje, Slovinsko

DM Demo Metal Vest
9. 5.2018 – 12.5.2018
Arad, Rumunsko

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