Key reasons for cooperating with the NERKON Company

Effectiveness and Efficiency


  • The combined cleaning of packaging of different sizes in a single device.
  • The modular design enables specific solutions and possible future expansions in the event of an increase in the capacity demands, in the resultantcleanliness or in the level of dryness.
  • The one-lane, double-lane and multi-lane versions of the device.
  • The optimisation of the operation of the device by means of the option of a system of additional conveyors.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance of the equipment with the option of providing each device with a discharge and self-cleaning system.
  • A wide range of optional equipment in accordance with specific requirements.

Emphasis on Ecology


  • All the washing procedures, the detergents and the solvents utilised are guaranteed to be environmentally friendly.
  • The operation of the equipment suppliedin accordance with the increasing requirement for environmental protection.
  • The automatic regeneration of the cleaning solutions.
  • The optimisation of the consumption of water, of detergent and of energy.
  • The system for the automatic regeneration of the washing water, a wide range of additional filtration systems and the conducting of the water in the device.

Innovative Technologies


  • The system for the automatic adjustment of the washing and the drying pressure in accordance with the size of the item being washed.
  • The system for the automatic adjustment ofthe upper washing and drying nozzles to an optimal distance from the item being washed.
  • The system for the automatic adjustment of the lateral guidance, including the lateral washing and drying nozzles being at an optimal distance from the item being washed.
  • Active development in the area of improving the efficiency of the processes utilised –i.e. minimising the consumption of water, energy, detergents and of labour intensity.

Hygienic and Technical Standards


  • The structures, the cladding and the devices utilised made of stainless steel with the possibility of a specificdesign in accordance with the customer’s requirements.
  • Technological solutions for achieving optical purity or cleanliness in accordance with the specific standards.
  • Many years of experience of projects that required microbiological threshold limits (bacteria, fungi, yeast, etc.).

References, Test Centre and Spare Parts


  • Verifiable references from customers worldwide.
  • We have a test centreavailable in the manufacturing and export warehouse, where it is possible to implementcleaning and/or degreasing tests.
  • Our own warehouses and distribution network of spare parts, based on which anyrequisite spare parts are available worldwide.


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