Selected References of the NERKON Company

Washing equipment for the food industry

We have supplied washing equipment for cleaning both shipping and in-house crates, for pallets, chocolate moulds and tilting plates, cheese ripening racks and other containers utilised in the course of food production.


Washers for parts for the engineering industry

We have supplied washing equipment for the inter-operational or the final cleaning of machined castings, pressedsheet metal parts, the machined parts of bearings, the gears utilised for the assembly of gearboxes and other additional parts.


Washers for packaging for logistics

We have supplied high-capacity washers for cleaning suchpackaging as KLT crates, trays and blisters, pallets and their lids and other containers that are utilised in the automotive industry.


Washing equipment for other industries

We have supplied systems for washing crates with integrated lids, barrels and garbage cans used for collection of bio-waste and washing boxes for the washing and disinfecting of IBC containers and drums.


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