The servicing of washing systems and devices

The NERKON Company has its own warehouse of spare parts and its own service network.

Services provided

  • - Warranty inspections of the equipment supplied.
  • - Preventive inspections of washers.
  • - Comprehensive post-warranty inspections of the washing equipmentinstalled.
  • - The supply of necessary spare parts from our own warehouse.



Service Agreement

Included as part of the above-standard quality of the relationship of the NERKON Company with its customers, the NERKON Company offers the concluding of a Service Agreement. This Service Agreement is always based specifically on the needs of the customer.

The overall advantage of the Service Agreement for the customer is the possibility of choicesthat it offers in regard to guaranteed services, for example:

  • - The regular servicing of the washing equipment
  • - A specified response time
  • - Supporting business continuity
  • - The advantage of consistent prices
  • - An information service
  • - Discountson purchases
  • - A hotline consulting service

Contact information

NERKON s.r.o.
Pompova 602/4
617 00 Brno


All contacts

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hotline: +420 724 388 520


We have satisfied customers in the Czech Republic (All references).