The NERKON Washing Devices Production Programme

Our production programme is focused on two areas: the FOOD INDUSTRY and the NON-FOOD INDUSTRY.

Washing Equipment for the Food Industry

We produce and supply washing equipment for bakeries, meat plants, for dairiesincluding cheese dairies and for other food industries. Our washing devices can wash chocolate moulds, baking trays, meat-processing carts, trays and all the packaging items used by food processing plants. We also place particular emphasis on hygiene standards, ecology and economy.

Washing equipment for manufactured parts and washers for packaging in the non-food industry

In regard to the non-food industry we focuson equipment for the washing and degreasing of parts and for the washing of packaging (crates, blisters and pallets) utilised in the automotive and the engineering industries. Our washing systems, however, alsofind their application in logistic washing depots, in which there is a need for washing returnable plastic containers. The production programme includes:

In this field we especially excelin the use of innovative technologies and the efficiency of our washing processes.

Washing Systems tailored to Specific Requirements

Do you have any specific requirements? We also design, manufacture and supply special washing systems forother industries, including the electronics, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Therefore our portfolio includes also washers for barrels and for garbage cans, washing boxes for IBC containers, an immersion cleaning machine for food cages and other washing devices and facilities that can besupplied to order.

SoThe production programme also includes transport and handling equipment.

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