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Demands are growing for packaging cleaning

Just washing and drying of packaging materials used in the automotive industry is not sufficient any longer. Previously sufficient optical purity is supplemented with higher demands on final purity. Higher demands are defined by the size of the residual impurities. The acceptable level of residual impurities is different for each customer according to the kind of used packaging.

The provider of washing centre decided during tender for washing system offering simple and fast adjustment of equipment to washing items of different sizes.

From the new washing line is expected a variability allowing washing of all types of used packaging. Another important parameter is increasing a capacity of washing and ensuring increasing requirements to final purity with stress on effectivity and efficiency of washing and drying. „The new washing line has therefore two times better parameters of final purity of washing process than the previous equipment,“ owner  of NERKON company Ing. Jiří Burda adds.


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Double rinsing for higher level of cleanliness

Modular construction of new washing equipment provides required washing and drying effect of package materials specifically designed to meet requirements of this project with the possibility to extent the equipment with new modules according to increasing quality and capacity requirements. The washing process is composed of three steps, the first step is the main wash, the second step is a first rinse and the third step is a final rinse. Blowing modules which eliminate the transfer of cleaning solutions between wash tanks are installed among each step. All steps of washing process happen in closed circuit with automatic regeneration of washing basin, filtration, control of temperature limit and minimal usage of water. „ Compared to older types of washing equipment, the new type provides double rinse. Together with filtration and cascading water management in the washing equipment, it guarantees higher level of required purity.“ Ing. Jiří Burda adds.

  • Improving of washing process

  • More efficient washing

  • Minimal residual moisture

To receive maximal elimination of residual moisture of washed packages, a process of drying plays an important role. The drying process follows washing process in the second part of the equipment and is provided by blowing heated air to wash items from all sides. The drying system automatically adjusts to the washed item in order to reach highest dryness. To assure the highest process of drying for various kinds of packaging, it is possible to change speed of conveyor, effect of fans or temperature of drying.

Easy operation

Compared to other washing lines, the new equipment offers automatically adjustable side lines of washing items which guarantees washing of items of various sizes in vertical positions up to 400 mm height which is the maximal passing width of equipment, maximal passing height of equipment is 1000 mm. Side line is adjusted by operator at the input of equipment for each washed item individually thanks to wheel with gear. Together with side lines washing and drying systems are automatically adjusted in the whole length of the equipment to an optimal distance of wash item. There is no necessity for further fixation, opening of equipment and pausing the process of washing. Thanks to the equipment, the new washing line is able to wash all sizes of used KLT creates, blisters, pallets and lids. “We clean KLT creates and blisters of different sizes, for which the washing line must be reconfigured. The number of readjustment differs, in average 15 – 20 in 24 hours. The washing line is set to the required size within a few seconds.” Pavel Král adds.

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Control and operation of the washing line is provided with the processor control with visualization of the operation parameters on screen. The switchboard with touch screen and control buttons is located at the input to the equipment, so the operator is informed about the entire process of the equipment. The system is automatically switched off when the line is overloaded or any other irregularity appears in the selected process of washing and drying, and the operator is informed.

  • 15 - 20 readjustment in 24 hours

  • Simple readjustment of the equipment in a few seconds

  • Increasing control of the process itself

The washing line operates 24/7. The capacity is fully utilized and currently reaches maximal capacity of 1000 KLT crates 4317/h. One operator is needed input and one operator on the output. “The new washing line offers a variety of pre-set programs. The whole process of washing of one package takes about seven minutes,” Pavel Král adds. Regular maintenance is once a week. Each module of washing line is individually cleaned with the spacious door that is used as access to the service. “Door of each module must be opened and the cleaning is carried out with use of high pressure cleaners. Further filtration inserts, processed water and cleaning agents must be replaced. The whole process of cleaning takes about five hours.”

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The possibility of automatic readjustment of the washing line to the sizes of packages provides their customer with higher capacity of washing line besides higher quality of washing. One of the benefits of using the new washing line is its universal usage, improved technical adjustment features of side lines and control of the process itself. Thanks to the newly implemented improvement the operation becomes smoother and more economical which brings saving. A big improvement is in the purity and dryness of packages but also in craftiness of the whole line. There have been significant step forward in packages washing with the new washing lines.


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