Washing machine for chocolate factory

Continuous cleaning machine for chocolate industry.

Continuous cleaning machine NERKON series PROGRESS were developer specially for efficient washing of different objects in the food industry. Amenities of this device correspond to changing demands in this rapidly growing sector.

It is a variable 1-lane continuous cleaning line with a width-adjustable conduit and specially constructed adjustable nozzles which enable washing, rinsing, disinfection and drying of items of different sizes with a fast and easy setting of the machine according to the washed item.

The modular design of the machine allows to build the device according to capacity and space needs of the customer. The possibility of different types of heating equipment and a wide range of additional equipment such as drying and disinfection modules, self-cleaning filters, vapor extraction, sedimentation tanks, fine mechanical filtration, distillation equipment are the next advantages of NERKON equipment.

Conveyor washing systems and washing equipment for crates and chocolate moulds are currently commercially available. Our washing facilities, however, differ from other with its unique advantages.Úspěšné řešení v oblasti FOOD

Variability of washed items

The high variability of the washed items is a big advantage of the washing equipment NERKON series PROGRESS. I tis a reliable solution for even the most demanding projects.

  • chocolate moulds

  • crates

  • casks, barrels, buckets

  • pass-through plate

  • pallets

Energy-saving washing and drying

Despite its variability, our cleaning line is characterized by efficiency and minimizing operating costs. All items can be washed at lower costs than by using several single-purpose cleaning equipment.

  • Minimum performance requirements for service personnel

  • Minimizing the cost of energy

  • Minimum cost of water and washing preparations

Your benefits

  • Variability of the washed items

  • Simple reconfiguration of the cleaning line for washing different objects

  • Automatic adjustment of washing, rinsing and drying nozzles according to the type of washed item

  • Low operational demands of the equipment

  • Quick and efficient cleaning and drying

  • 1-line, 2-line or 3-line construction

  • Possibility of individual adaptation of the equipment in accordance with the customer´s options and needs for the future

  • Possibility of Operation by one person

  • Stainless steel designe

  • Wide choice of accessories and options

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