NER 1200

A sprinkling washing box for cleaning IBC containers.

  • The device provides circulation washing of the inner sides of IBC containers utilising a wash solution from the tank.
  • In the event of the requirement for flow rinsingor for rinsing from the tank, blowing with compressed air or hot air drying, the device can be adapted to incorporate these functions.
  • A single-position variant with a nominal capacity of 20 pcs per hour, in accordance with the degree of contamination and the setting of the wash cycle.
  • Based on capacity requirements the possibility of producing a multi-positions device or a conveyor version.
  • The structure, cladding and gensets utilised made of DIN 1.4301 stainless steel.
  • Operation of the equipment in accordance with the increasing demand for environmental protection.
  • The automatic regeneration of the washing solution by means of the two-stage filtration system.
  • The easy cleaning and maintenance of the device based on its spacious door access.
  • Optional equipment in a wide range and in accordance with specific requirements.

NER 1200 Washing Box for Cleaning IBC Containers