Differences from the CLEVER LINE series:

  • Smaller design (leaner and lower construction)
  • Side doors only on the operating side of the device
  • Weaker pumps in the basic version
  • Drying ventilators only 4 kW
  • Only longitudinal washing of crates E1-E3
  • E4 with manual fixation of the top holder in the upper position
  • Crates with a straight top edge

Examples of optional additional equipment:

  • Machine design including all parts that come into contact with the washing medium made of stainless steel 1.4301, or of high-quality plastics.
  • Washing nozzle rods with stainless steel nozzles with bayonet mounting. Rinsing frame with stainless steel nozzles
  • Stainless steel design of the transport chain.
  • Automatic stop of machine by door opening
  • Automatic stop of machine by chain overload
  • Automatic shut-off of the rinse with clean water when no crates are loaded.
  • Control of washing temperature including limit values.
  • Electrical cabinet in stainless steel design with relay control.
  • Adjustable chain speed by switch, 3 speeds
  • Side door on one side of the machine without seals and hinges.
  • Safety pump suction sieve.
  • Fixed side guides.
  • Electrical or direct steam heating of the tank.
  • For standard euro crates with dimensions: 600 x 400 and defined height

Examples of optional additional equipment:

  • Top holder for sorted washing of euro crates up to 300 mm
  • Fixation of the top holder for washing of crates up to height of 400 mm
  • Blowing module 1,115 m with ventilator 1 x 4,0 kW
  • Side door on one side of the device with seals and hinges
  • Washing nozzle rods with bayonet mounting
  • Automatic stop of machine in case of diminished flow under the set value
  • Automatic machine switch off if washed items are not loading
  • Vapour exhaust from machine infeed
  • Vapour exhaust from machine infeed and outfeed
  • Dosing unit of washing detergent, conductivity
  • Thermal isolation of wash tank
  • Reinforced washing pressure (pump 5,5 kW, ca 4,5 bar)
  • Reinforced electrical heating of tank for connection of machine to cold water
  • Indirect electrical heating instead of direct
  • Tank heating by steam register instead of steam directly
  • Tank heating by hot water register
  • Top loading with turner for 1 person operation
  • Extension of infeed and outfeed table
  • Preparation for water vapour exhaust connection



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