PROGRESS 501 - 1000

A modular continuous washing device for the combined washing of various types of packaging.

The cleaning of EURO crates, moulds, trays and buckets,for example,in a single machine.

  • Versatile continuous sprinkling washing equipment with an adjustable width of guidance and with specially designed lateral washing and drying nozzles automatically adjustable to an optimal distance from the item to be washed.
  • Fast and convenient device setting of the device for the specific item being washed without the need to switch off and/or open the device.
  • Design of the basic equipment - one-lane with a capacity for washing up to 600 items per hour, in accordance with the size, the degree of contamination and the requirements for their residual dryness.
  • From the basic process of washing, followed by rinsing with clean water and drying, the equipment can be easily adapted to include additional modules that ensure the separation of the individual zones, utilising a rinsing solution from a tank and then air blowing or hot air drying.
  • A modular design enabling individual solutions and with the possibility of future adaptation.
    Bayonet fitting of the nozzle bars for their attachment to the washing frame.
  • A removable rinse nozzle ring.
  • Interchangeable stainless steel washing and rinsing nozzles.
  • The speed of the conveyor belt adjustable within the range of between 0.1 and 10 m per minute.
  • One-lane, double-lane or multi-lane versions of the device.
  • The structure, cladding and gensets utilised made of DIN 1.4301 stainless steel.
  • Operation of the equipment in accordance with the increasing demand for environmental protection.
  • The automatic regeneration of the washing solution by means of the two-stage filtration system.
  • The easy cleaning and maintenance of the device based on its spacious door access.
  • Optional equipment in a wide range and in accordance with specific requirements.

PROGRESS 501 - 1000 Washer of Food Packaging

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